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How to Perceive Spiritual Progress

Learn to successfully navigate the spiritual path by using your life experiences from the past as a stable reference point.

Tell Yourself the Truth!

Give yourself the option to live in the truth. Sort through what is true and what is not true. Hang on to the truth for dear life.

Sivan Garr - an Act of Generosity

An Act Of Generosity

How had I gotten in this predicament? How, after 2 1/2 years of intense spiritual study, did I still find myself confronted with an absolutely dire […]


Experience Sivan icon Weekly Conversations – A weekly group session. Join in-person or virtually. One-Day Seminars – From 10am to 5pm, Sivan works to empower individuals […]

One-Day Seminars

Sivan Garr’s One-Day Seminars present a valuable chance in which to immerse yourself in the timeless wisdom of her Teachings. Attending 2-4 One-Day Seminars can be […]

Tool Kit

Tool Kit icon With everything that is happening around the world, I want to provide you with a Tool Kit to help you get through this […]

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