Reconnect with Your Strength

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Sivan talks about the effect of the ego and moving it out of our way in order for our hearts to engage in the leadership role in our lives.

Webcast Transcript Courtesy of Sivan Garr

I want to start just by thanking you once again for joining me in this adventure of bringing love and light to the world in a way bigger way than we’ve done so far. We are gathering our forces so that we can be a bigger channel, and make an even bigger impact on the world.

I want to talk about the effects of the ego, and working with the ego, in terms of moving it out of our way, in order for our hearts to engage in the leadership role in our lives.

I have known a lot of people in my life. In some fashion, each of those individuals have had powerful accomplishments in their lives. Even getting through childhood is an accomplishment. All the dynamics that go on in families, and all the intensity that happens at school, where we’re dropped off at a very young age, and somehow we have to survive. Then in growing up, maybe you went on to raise children, maybe you traveled the world, maybe you ran a business. There’s a myriad of possibilities of choices that people can make in their adulthood and all of them require our intention, our perseverance, our intelligence and our strength.

However, a lot of these people don’t feel comfortable dealing with their emotions. I definitely know I didn’t. Often, when negative emotions come up for people, they forget their strength, and they suddenly feel weak in the face of depression, or any sort of reactive negative emotion that they feel they cannot control.

As we are building this powerful foundation of loving energy inside of us, it’s important for us to also see all the nuances that are happening inside of us regarding our ego and our emotions, and how the interaction between the two is taking place. Imagine that an emotion is coming up inside of you, let’s say, depression overtakes you, or some sort of anxiety or some sort of fear. Imagine in that moment, that the ego reacts to it. Of course the ego is excited by it, because if we can imagine that our ego is trying to maintain control of our conscious attention, then we know that the ego is excited by the combination of the emotion happening to us, and the reaction of fear of it.

The ego grabs hold of the experience that we’re having, and begins to embellish whatever is happening, then begins to repeat whatever rhetoric it has repeated to you for many, many years. It will maybe tell you that you aren’t strong enough, that you can’t handle this, or that the world is too much, or that you’re too overwhelmed, or that you just don’t have time, or that people just don’t get you, or that you feel separate, or that you’re lonely, or that you’re alone; and the list goes on and on and on.

Regardless of life circumstances, everybody’s egos say the same things. The ego maintains its control over you.  One, by the fact that you feel that there’s some part of you that’s not strong enough to deal with your own emotions. Second, through repeating the same triggering sentences to you or the same stories, over and over and over again.

I definitely want to stop here for a moment, because people often ask me, “Why would we have a part of us that seems to be against us?” I want to address this because it is important for us not to feel that we have a war going on inside of us.

Let’s imagine that our goal here is to open our hearts fully and beautifully. The goal is to be able to become powerful channels, voices and megaphones of love. In order to create that, we have to have a certain strength of conviction and commitment, in the face of outer opposition. Inside of us, we need to have our very own gym, a place and a way that we can push back on resistance, in order to build our strength. The ego acts as the resistance that we need, that we’re going to get from the world at large anyway, and it acts as the resistance that we can push against, and push our conviction, push our commitment, push our desire, push our willingness, and forge a powerful pathway where love can come through as a force of pure light.

As we began to investigate and work with who we are, and what’s happening to us, it’s important for us to connect with the strength that we do know we have. What I want each of you to do this week, is to begin creating a list of ways that you have exhibited strength in your life. Even small incidents where you did something just absolutely amazing and almost impossible, that you can look back on and go, “Wow, did I really do that?” Or general experiences that you know you had to dig deep inside of yourself for an extra boost of strength and persevere.

In the same way that the ego repeats its stories of loneliness, confusion, weakness, forlornness, self-pity, deprivation, jealousy, betrayal, comparison, let’s make the effort to start to repeat our stories of wisdom, clarity, strength, our stories of overcoming the odds in the face of so much difficulty. Let’s start repeating the stories where we know we did something and accomplished something incredible; where we know we had to dig deep to find something extra inside of us, to finish something we started or started something that we were afraid to, or followed through with something that we had resistance to, or got ourselves out of a scary situation that seemed impossible, or to dealt with an emergency situation with clarity and ease.

Let’s start repeating these stories about ourselves, about humanity and about each other. Let’s start repeating stories of amazing feats of strength, amazing ways that love has overcome something incredible in the world, in our own history, and even now as we speak. Let’s look to the people that we know have stood for what we stand for. Let’s start looking at the stories of the people that have created miracles that we to this day are gaining from. There are so many.

Then let’s broaden our own self-observation. Let’s utilize our free time for the hero stories out of our own lives. Use this process of repetition to make the stories of our own strengths, so vivid, so crystal clear, so at the ready in our minds, that the minute our negative thinking tries to tell us something else, we are able to reach directly into another part of our mind to find the story that proves to us the opposite is true.

In our quest to live heart-centered lives, we will be supported by the world at large, and by the world of the Divine as we began stepping in that direction, and taking action towards bringing love and bringing light to the planet. In this experience of finding our strength, seeing our reactivity to our emotions, let’s take that a step further and ask ourselves, what would it be like to find ourselves in a moment where we actually do feel fully powerful. We’re not just trying to convince ourselves or remember something, but to actually re-experience it.

This is where the idea of surrender comes in once again, this is where the idea of acceptance comes in once again. Where we simultaneously accept whatever negative emotional experience we’re having, and we, at the very same time, reach for the positive. That might look like the negative part of you saying, “Oh my gosh, I feel depressed. And my depression is taking away my happiness.” So you would develop a part of your mind that says, “Yeah, I know that a part of me is feeling depressed right now. And I know that that’s what I’m experiencing, and I know that I don’t like it. And I also know that it’s just a part of me. It’s not fully me. I also know that I have a part that is calm, that’s connected, and that feels very confident about my place in the world, and my purpose.”

You might have a voice that says, “Well, I just feel like my life is horrible. And it is horrible, look, you know, I don’t have enough money. I don’t have enough friends. I don’t have enough fun. Look, it really is horrible.” And so you would develop another part of your mind that says, “Yes, I know. I know that part of me feels and experiences my life as horrible. That I feel that I don’t have enough money, and I don’t have enough friends, and I don’t have enough fun. And I also know that I have another part of me. I know that part of me has always, always experienced, getting through difficult times. That at the end of the day, I’ve always had what I needed, even if I didn’t feel it was enough. I also know that there’s another part of me that feels joy in myself, and about my life, even if I can’t feel it right this second, I know it’s there. Because I felt it, even if it was fleeting. And I know joy and fun exists, and I know that I can reach for it, and be there at a moment’s notice.”

This practice is a combination of allowing what is negative to be there without a fight, without trying to suppress it, deny it, take it away, argue with it, none of that, with the complete and total acknowledgment of it. But acknowledgement, from the perspective, that it’s only one part, not even the biggest part, and that it’s there, but that it cannot take away the full truth of who you are. And that you begin to verbalize, vocalize and articulate the good parts, and the idea that they exist as well, at the very same time, and that the good parts of you have depth and foundation and security and power in your life. This way, we get to freely build a highway to our heart’s desires, instead of being at constant odds with the negative experiences and dynamics, emotions and thoughts that are happening inside of us. Our goal is to create a way to bring love to our lives, and to humanity, as fast as possible, with as little resistance as possible, in order to create the miracles of shifting the direction that humanity is going in, in a negative way, and to begin bringing humanity back to a place where it can thrive, and thrive with community and togetherness.

I want to bring you the concept that we are all connected. I know we’ve talked about that. I know that thought is, you know, something that said in spirituality, that we’re all one, we’re all connected by divine energy, etc. But I want to introduce the idea that we are connected through something even more physical than that. We’re connected through our DNA, through our humanity itself. We have a connection that we can use to love and heal each other.

Again, this is the first time I’m going to be bringing this up. I’ll talk about it in more detail in future webcasts. But if you let this sink in, you will start to see the enormity of what I’m bringing to your attention now, and how we can use this in understanding the power of prayer, and how we can use this in understanding how we can share the power of love in a way that can create real life differences.

I also want to say at this juncture that we are not trying to say that we know how the world should look, or that we know what the answers are. We’re really just trying to say we agree that the heart heals. That there’s a whole lot of suffering in this world. And that our intention to open our hearts is to ease that suffering, knowing that the heart guides us to peace and possibilities.

Let’s also remember that when we’re staying focused with our heart, we’re not trying to imagine what somebody else’s life needs to be like. We’re not trying to imagine what we need to see happen in the world. We’re just saying that we want with all of our intention and hearts, to bring love into this world, so that those that are open to love, can receive it. And in that process, experience some healing and experience reduction in their suffering.

Also, we know that the heart gives us information. It doesn’t give us the entire universe of information in one go. It gives us the next step; the next step that we can take towards peace, the next step that we can take towards wholeness, the next step that we can take towards strength. And if you align yourself with that idea, you’ll begin to see that the idea of surrender is clearly connected to the open heart, and being open to simply seeing one step in front of you at a time, when you know and you become so self-assured that you are in the right place at the right time, going in the right direction.

Again, I want to remind you that this week, we are all going to reconnect with our strength. And we’re going to all create the practice in order to do that. Let’s remember each other this week, let’s remember that we’re not alone. That there are other people that are very committed to the same things that we are. Let’s imagine that we’re joining forces and creating a powerful net of love and light, that is holding the planet in hope, in patience, knowing that we can bring ourselves to peace, and something wonderful.

I love you very, very much. I’m sending you all off this week with prayers that you find the power of your heart.

Reconnect with Your Strength
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