Be a Megaphone for Divine Love

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be a megaphone for divine love

Sivan reviews the nature of ego stories that keep us in separation, judgment and attachment.

Webcast Transcript Courtesy of Sivan Garr

First, just to rejuvenate and remind everyone, I want to again talk about the vital importance of each of us finding our way to our hearts. If we look around in the world, we see the incredible number of moments and ways and reasons that people choose to close their hearts and to create separation. Then it can be very obvious to us how much we are neededpeople who are willing to commit their life to healing and to love.

First I want to talk about the concept of separation and how separation is an enormous part of our ego’s instruction to us, and the way that the ego tries very successfully to stay in control of our conscious thinking. There are a million ways we can feel separate from others. We can feel separate from others by our body size, the color of our hair, the color of our skin, our religion, our sexual preference, our gender identity, what kinds of things we like and don’t like, how educated we are, how much money we have, whether or not we drink beer and what kind. There are unlimited ways that people create specific identities with which to approach the world. Our egos will create a story about differences, a story about what we like and don’t like, a story about conflict and a story about judgment.

We know that if we feel separate from others, if we feel conflict with others, and if we feel judgment towards others, all three of those things mean that we are not heart-centered. They mean that we are actually controlled by our ego. These are clues for us to figure out how we can shift and make a different choice. How we can overcome what we see as our differences and come to a place where we see that we are all part of the same divine energy expressing itself uniquely and differently?

In fact, open-heartedness happens only when we give ourselves and others the freedom to be exactly who each of us wants to be. Freedom is a part of an open heart. Control and separation and attachment to identity are part of the ego’s world.

I remember when I was young I always wanted to be part of a group. I always want to be in a club or have some unique description that I could make for myself so I could say, “I belong to this group” or “I belong to that group.” It never worked!  I could see how much my ego wanted to find different ways to create separation from others. Whether it was friend groups or family or community, there were so many ways that I wanted to find a circle that was unique and separate from others, or the world at large.

Looking back I realize that it was partially an honest search for love and acceptance.  But partially it was a search for being special and special is definitely a word of the ego. The ego tries to make us feel separate and different and special. I know that was something that I sought after and that I wanted. I wanted to create so many different statements that would somehow get me noticed. I almost didn’t care if the attention was bad attention because I looked at society as a whole and there were so many things that I didn’t agree with. I was not interested in being a part of or being seen as a part of mainstream society. So I created that sense of separation. Everybody does it in a different way, even in mainstream society.

Yet when we want to come to our hearts and ask ourselves to project love into the world and to love others, then we know that we have to look at every single person we might judge, every single person we might have conflict with, every single person that we say “I don’t think I have anything in common with them.” Through that process we literally have to decide that we know in no uncertain terms, that we’re connected, all of us.

It’s an important piece of information on the path of becoming open-hearted. We know that when we’re open-hearted we’re giving ourselves the freedom to be exactly who we want and need to be, and we are giving others the freedom to be who they need to be. That is one of the kindest and most generous gifts we can give another person and also give to ourselves. We just don’t realize how much judgment and how much conflict and how much harshness we are projecting into the world and onto ourselves for millions of different reasons. Imagine if all of that stopped. Imagine if you did not get angry at a blemish or a gray hair or gaining five pounds. Imagine if we went beyond that and we let others be whoever they needed to be and didn’t put all of these really incredibly stringent rules on people in terms of how they should do their hair, how they should dress, how they should stand, how they should carry themselves. We live in a very oppressive world. Our job is to create freedom inside of ourselves and in the world.

What I want to talk about next is a concept that I haven’t talked about much. It gives us another perspective on what we’re doing here and what our role really is, what this planet is about, and what a spiritual path is about. I’ve talked a lot about the fact that our job is to one day be able to project and emit unconditional love into the world focused on others and the world at large, that unconditional love is the power that can heal the world. Today I want to talk about it in terms of how important it is that you understand how impactful your presence here is and how impactful your love can be the minute that you decide to fully align yourself with your heart.

Love is an energy. I’ve compared it in the past to air. Air is here for us. Air keeps us alive because as we open our lungs, oxygen is spread through our system and circulated.

I want to backtrack a little and say that lots of people consider being loving weak or being kind as weak. I really want to stress this because hands down, love is the most powerful energy in the universe. What love needs is strong, powerful ways to get channeled into the world.  Imagine what could happen if we decided individually that we were going to be that strong force that brought and projected love into the world!

Our job is to find a way to bring love into our hearts and then send it in a loud powerful way into the world around us. Imagine all the things on this planet that can create harm. Guns: somebody created guns; somebody created ammunition; somebody created a way to send that ammunition through the gun to harm somebody. Can we do that with love, but instead of harm, heal? What would happen if we did? What would happen if we put that much thought into it? If we decided we were going to actually plan our days around sending love into the world? If we were going to actually find the ways and avenues that we could send love? What if we really asked ourselves how we could package it and then project it, send it, in a way that it was shared in the world as powerfully as we imagine that the negative things are being shared?

We see lots of conflict. We see it on the news. We see it around us. We feel it inside of us. Conflict is something that the ego is excited about, so it makes sense that the ego is super excited to be involved in all of this conflict. But do we really see that much good news? There is some, so I’m not taking away from what’s out there. Certainly, there are wonderful videos and wonderful people doing wonderful things and bringing wonderful messages to us. But that does not outweigh the negative. What would it take for each of us to take a stand and to say that we wanted to bring healing into this world and that we weren’t going to stop until that’s real? That we were going to take initiative inside of ourselves and in the world and make love our strongest force, make love our guide, make love our goal, make love our job.

What I’m trying to say is that love needs you! By itself, love is an energy that’s just there. Without a gun a bullet is nothing. It sits there. I’m not saying love is nothing, but it becomes an entirely different force when we as individuals know how to tap into it and then aim it and then shoot it into the world! Something entirely different happens with it at that point. It can heal people. It can change people’s lives. It can alter destinies. It can fuel the goodness of others who want to share good things. Love has the power to turn many things around. Each of you is an emissary of love and each of you is a channel for that divine love.

I talked recently about the Divine giving us this extra boost. This is still happening but we have to meet that Divine boost with as much force and as much excitement and as much fervor as the Divine is giving us, in order for us to decide that we really want to be a voice for love in the world. Each of you is powerful.

But look to check how much of your day is spent in love and in your heart versus in your worry, versus in deciding what you want to eat, versus in trying to make money, versus in a million different things. I’m not saying any of those things are bad. What I am saying is: where is your effort for love? Can you schedule that into your day? Can you weave that into every other thing that you’re doing during your daymaking money, eating food, doing errands? Can you even weave it into your worry?

Because right now time is of the essence. We have this incredible opportunity. It is incredibly rare to take advantage of this divine support and allow ourselves to become a voice for divine Love, to become a megaphone for unconditional love. We don’t have to know anything. We don’t have to have the words for it. We don’t have to look a certain way or act a certain way. The only thing we have to have is an intention inside of us to love no matter what and to send that love out into the world.

That is an incredible intention. That intention to love, that intention to open our heart, will allow us to begin generating that sense of unconditional love, to begin filling ourselves up with that sense of divine love, to begin having the love itself guide us. We don’t necessarily need to think of things to do or say in order to send love into the world. We truly need to just open our hearts and allow love to guide us and to really be present with how love is showing us how to show up in the world and then to act on it.

Quite often our inhibitions stop us. We may be out in the world and we may really feel strongly that we need to go up to somebody and talk to them and say something kind to them. But another part of us, the ego, that feels separate and afraid might say, ”No don’t do that.” Now, these are ways we can test ourselves with this love to just see where we are. Not with the intention of judging yourself but with the intention of finding out: where’s my heart? Where’s my love? How can I make that bigger? What does bigger look like?

I’ll give you one hint tonight: as your heart opens more and more, you start to feel a sense of humbleness. Now the ego can always hijack that feeling and turn it into something negative like self-judgment or self-hatred. But if you stay in your heart, then love moves you to the state of deep deep deep deep deep compassion and kindness, of deep recognition of each soul, which is humbleness.

I want to close tonight with giving you the support and encouragement to make your love loud, to make it heard, for you to understand that you are the megaphone. There is not another way to bring and generate love into the planet. We are the way. The faster we get on board with that, then the faster we can change things in this world in a big way. Each one of you can do this! You’ve already started. You’ve already worked on it. You’ve already been practicing. Just imagine what is your next level!

I love you so much! I’ll expand on this next week ‘cause I feel like we’ve just touched the outer edges of it. I really want to share how love is brought into the wrld and how important each of you are in that process. I love you all so much and appreciate you so much and am so honored to be a teammate of yours.


Be a Megaphone for Divine Love
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