BE The ONE That Cares about YOU!


Have you ever felt that you just so wanted someone, anyone, to care about you?
Did you wish when you were young that someone would care about your talents, your gifts, or your pain?

Do you ever wish that someone would come along to help you? Really care and really help?

So many people tell me that they don’t have time to go to the doctor or the dentist. Or they don’t have time to eat right, clean their home, or get personal things done for themselves. When I ask them “why”, they ultimately tell me that they either think it is unimportant or they think that taking care of oneself just doesn’t matter as much as all of the other things they have to do. Even the people that I know that exercise regularly have other areas of their lives that fall through the cracks.

How many of you would like some quiet time, to know that you have taken care of your health, or to get caught up on whatever you wish was done?

So many times in my life, I waited. I felt like so much of my life was spent waiting. Waiting for someone to care. Waiting for someone to say I mattered. Waiting for someone to help me figure life out. I actually never allowed myself to imagine that I mattered, even for a minute. Almost as though that fact might only be applied by someone else, besides me.

I even thought that caring about yourself was selfish. I actually judged the people that I knew that were ‘too’ picky, or wanted ‘too’ much or were willing to voice their needs to others. I thought they were lazy, rude and underneath that, I was actually jealous. I wanted to know why they mattered to themselves, and I did not.

On my spiritual path, I clearly found that people began treating me how I was treating myself. I realized that somehow, the actions or inactions I took in my own life set the standard to the world around me about what I was willing to receive or accept. In other words, I was sending a message to the world about exactly how I wanted to be treated.

This clarity did not come until I myself decided to care about me. I created change after change in my life. Most of the changes were simple. I began to do more things I was interested in, I used better body and hair products, I ate a higher quality of food and I began to feel like I was more in charge of the choices I was making.

It almost felt sudden – at some point, everyone around me began to change. They were kinder, nicer, smiled more and opened their hearts and homes to me. At first, I just thought that God had lifted a prison I had been in, deciding that I now deserved more kindness in my life. But I soon saw clearly that the prison was self-made. I saw that the change in the world around me had begun by the positive changes I made in my own life, towards myself.
I also realized that caring about myself, gave others permission to care about themselves. Therefore, they could feel more relaxed around me.

It is time. You matter. And, you matter to you!

I love you. And, I care about you too!

BE The ONE That Cares about YOU!
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