Weekly Webcast
Every Friday at 6:30 pm PT

  • Heal your life and develop your powerful heart centered gifts!
  • Learn how to attune yourself to the voice of the Heart.
  • Learn how to use Love as a guide.
  • Become a powerful healer of the world’s suffering!
  • Learn how to discern the energy of love.
  • Heal the world, starting with yourself.
"If you are looking to take action on your life, look no further…. Sivan is it!" - Paola Acuna

Her presence imparts a strength that helps me take action and make empowering changes in my life." - Srinika Narayan

[Sivan] has an incredible gift of translating the language of spirituality into practical steps that I can follow." - Shiroko Sokitch

Sivan believes that love can heal the world. We may not always know the way, but we know that if we are living lives anchored in our hearts, our hearts will guide us to goodness. To that end, Sivan is committed to bringing teachings and energy to guide others to open their hearts, heal their pain and embrace their power to project love to the world and live from love. As a result, this love energy will spread like a web until it envelopes Earth’s atmosphere and gives us a foundation upon which we can live in peace and flourish!


Sivan’s Limitless Love Project takes place each week online for 30 minutes. She will guide you through the process of tapping into your true loving self, giving you tools and practices that you can utilize throughout the week.  Sivan’s goal is to create and support a community of like-minded people working together to heal themselves and heal the world. Attending each week will keep you on track and help you learn endless ways to live from your heart every day!


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