Tell Yourself the Truth!

Even if it is painful, even if you only tell yourself, even if you know you won’t want to know it or hear it –


Sorting what is real and not real is one of the first orders of business on a spiritual path.

Our minds are rampant and reactive. Our minds are constantly ready and waiting, watching for an attack. Not only that but our ego is conditioned to see itself being attacked at all times. This is one of the ways the ego keeps us separate and under its control.

When working with my students, I help them begin to make an effort toward awareness by having them question what their mind is telling them. As people begin to question their thoughts, invariably I have heard time and time again, “Sivan, my mind says, ‘such and such.’ I absolutely know it is not true, but my mind says it, and I believe it.”

This statement may seem far-fetched to you, but if you begin to sort out exactly what your mind is telling you, you will find that there are so many non-truths running around up there.

Maybe you think everyone hates you, that you are ugly, that your mate doesn’t really want to be with you, or that people are out to get you. I have heard so many of these statements. I could go on and on.

The moment you are able to catch these thoughts and distinguish which is true and not true (or what you really know and what you are assuming or making up), you are giving yourself the option to live in the truth. However, you are not out of the woods. I have heard many people say that no matter what they have seen, they will continue to believe what the mind says because it is so persuasive, convincing, and relentless. If you know beforehand that this may happen, you have a chance to hang on to the truth for dear life. Because (yes, I am going to say it)

The Truth Will Set You Free!

I love you dearly precious beings! And, that is the Truth!

Tell Yourself the Truth!
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