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New Year celebration

My New Year’s Miracle

Enjoy the story of the miraculous way I met my spiritual teacher and discover the miracles that are all around you!



Like the movie ‘Yes Man’, on the spiritual path we talk a lot about saying ‘Yes!’ So, today, I thought I would talk about saying ‘No!’ […]


Making The Impossible POSSIBLE

The spiritual path can seem impossible. You have the power to push yourself a little towards being the person you so crave to be!

man looking at sunset

What Does it Mean to Surrender to My Life?

“Surrender” is a word that is used often in spiritual teachings. It is one of the most potent concepts and goals of a spiritual path. And […]


Healing Your Heart By Opening Your Heart

By the time I was 21, I had moved 21 times. As a result and a need, I learned how to make close friends fast. At […]

Earth from space

You DO Have An Effect In The World!

All of us want to know that we matter. We all want to know that somehow, somewhere, with someone, we made a difference. Sometimes we go […]

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