How to Perceive Spiritual Progress

A very important tool for successfully navigating the spiritual path is to use your life experience from the past as a stable reference point. From this point, every day, you create clear markers of your progress. You recognize these experiential milestones over and over again; repeating and remembering their defining qualities and contrasting them against the perspective of your present moment experience.

Here is the reason why this is important.

As people progress along their path, their negative voices can become louder.

This happens for many reasons, one being that they have fewer layers of conditioning and unconsciousness to serve as a barrier to the ego’s voice. Additionally, their pain can, at times, seem more acute for the same reason. It is in these moments that people often throw in the towel when they feel as though no progress at all has been made.

However, if during your path, you have very diligently remained conscious of the contrast between your experiences past to present, then, during difficult moments, this work will become a lifeline to the truth.

The truth being, “You are closer than you think!”

I love you! I believe in you! I know you WILL make it!

How to Perceive Spiritual Progress
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