Sivan Garr has dedicated her life to guiding others toward the attainment of wholeness, happiness, success and freedom of expression that is seated in the eternal truth of the heart.

Her resolve is to share the principles and the experience of love and reveal its perennial wisdom to all beings. These teachings acknowledge and are supported by the knowing that within each and every individual there lies a spark that contains the potential to illuminate life and establish lasting peace within.

Her Teachings

Sivan's teachings and practice of the open heart provide a powerful and effective conduit in which to establish one's intrinsic connection with our divine universe - both outer and inner. She perceives every soul as a unique and wondrous microcosm of mind, history and personality.

The gift that she offers is to facilitate the reconnection between the magic of your inner cosmos and the totality of our love fueled universe.

Her methods are alive, dynamic and responsive to the unique context of your life here and now. Her divine life experience and boundless compassion allow her to reach you in the most direct and effective way possible. Sivan effortlessly and diversely brings humor and play throughout her work, providing a rich backdrop to the extraordinary endeavor of enlightenment; thereby creating the perfect sanctuary in which miracles and lasting inner transformation arise.

Sivan guides her students to manifest their brightest, most courageous selves by imparting the understanding of, and direct experience in - her Four Pillars of Spiritual Living:


Release & Recovery

From stored pain and trauma

Total Awareness

Infusing consciousness into every corner of your being

Heart Opening

Freeing your purest self-expression into the world

Navigation & Orientation

Knowledge of the principles and mechanics of a successful, dynamic spiritual path

To learn more about these four pillars, you can download a free copy of Sivan's ebook, The Four Pillars of a Spiritual Path.

Working with Sivan can result in the immediate and ongoing experience of:

  • Feeling lighter and more peaceful
  • Discovering new-found freedom from within
  • Releasing the pains of your past
  • Reducing feelings of heaviness and stuckness
  • Accessing your spiritual gifts and strengths
  • Experiencing true understanding, generosity, compassion, and love
  • Becoming hopeful, and sensing a world where miracles do occur

The results of this transformative work are evidenced by you becoming the utmost manifestation of success – whatever that may be.

Sivan's wisdom of the heart teaches us to look at ourselves in a vivid manner and strive to love ‘no matter what.’

It equally embraces the knowing that our soul's progression on the path to enduring love is not survivable without a sense of humor!

Sivan effortlessly brings the sensibilities of light and play to what can often be a very difficult and challenging process. Her unique experience in negotiating and communicating the realms of the spirit enables her to infuse even the most trying existential matters with a sense of simplicity and grace. It is this same grace and play that allow her to work so effectively towards the dissolution of our most deeply held pain and conditioning. She operates under the knowing that no individual being is alike;

Each and every one of us is a distinctive mosaic of consciousness that demands a similarly individualized and responsive teaching method that remains ever-adaptable to the needs of the present moment.

Sivan works with the implicit knowing that success is a relative and changing experience meaning many things to many people; yet at the root of all the external manifestations lies a place within one’s self that is free from aversion and grounded in inner peace, self-acceptance and surrender.

Sivan resides in the splendor of Northern California’s Marin County where her gifts are shared across a broad range of contexts and applications including personal teachings, relationship guidance and special education. She has been especially effective in helping her students achieve extraordinary successes in the business world through the establishment of business frameworks that are built upon her four pillars.


"She's such a force of love, compassion and kindness."

Srinika Narayan

Acupuncturist and Practitioner of Integrative Chinese Medicine