Destination . . . Destiny!

At the age of 32, I collided with my destiny.

After a life of searching for answers; secretly believing that love existed, but having never felt it; having spent many of my life years behind the heavy bars of very, very dark depression; having the constant experience of being aware I was asleep, but not being able to wake up; feeling like I was dying in a desolate and never-ending landscape of hopelessness… life brought me a gift.

That gift brought me life, aliveness, openness, love, healing, answers, resolution, strength, and more than hope. It also brought me more questions, but now, the questions were eager, excited, and desiring to learn, instead of the desperate plea of ‘Why?”

You can experience change. You can change! Your life circumstances can change! Your insides can change!

Even if you have not found your way yet, it does not mean that it does not exist. I am here to help, to offer hope, to be a guide for each of you who may be interested, to find your way back to your heart.

Destination . . . Destiny!
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