Universal Heart & Universal Ego

Universal Heart Universal Ego
Sivan explains the universal Heart and universal ego. She provides a strategy to shift our reality away from negative emotions.

Webcast Transcript Courtesy of Sivan Garr

Okay, let’s start we’re gonna have fun tonight, welcome and thank each of you for coming. I super appreciate it tonight is going to be I think our fifth webcast and I feel the revving up of our amazing energy of our amazing team. That is going to move into the world in a powerful way to create some major healing.

You know, we’re looking at our world today and you know not to mention our world but just the the communities and our lives personal lives and in the world we know that there’s many things that are happening that are beyond tragic and many things where peace needs to be restored.

Where equality needs to be a possibility, we need to be in a world where we know how to sustain our planet and how to keep each other safe. And you know, the the reality is that. If we don’t have. An abundant and incredible connection with our hearts. The efforts that we make to save our planet or to save our world or to stop wars or to stop hurting each other.

Those efforts can’t go very far. But when we grow our hearts. And we create a manifestation of love in the world then every effort we make. Create peace to create change. Into restore goodness. Every effort. Becomes a strength a reality a possibility. This is why I’m focusing this half hour each week on all of us together open our hearts.

Practicing it during the week. So that we can become a formidable force together that is going to bring healing to the world in a big way. So let’s get started. The last two weeks we’ve talked about forgiveness. Last week, we actually talked about forgiving ourselves. And I gave. Everybody a practice.

I hope this last week that you did do that practice and that you found it helpful. I wanted to talk about forgiving ourselves because we often talk about what it means to forgive someone else.

In talking about forgiving someone else we often talk about details knowing how this person offended me or what was incident what happened but when we start looking at what does it mean to figure ourselves that becomes something that I noticed that people don’t produce much energy into? Maybe it becomes some general generalized focus of like, okay?

Yeah, I need to forgive myself. So I wanted to start a conversation about using forgiveness as a tool of healing. As a tool of creating a lightning of our energy. As a pathway. To releasing our own emotional pain. Of removing the ways that we block ourselves from becoming powerful forces of good and positivity and light on this planet.

Imagine all the ways that we judge ourselves. All the ways that we feel disappointed in ourselves and all the reasons. All the things that bother us about our past or the choices that we made. Did we make the right choice here or the wrong choice or if we’d have done it differently, where would we be now?

How many ways? We. Don’t think well of ourselves. How many times we feel an inner twinge when we remember something where we either you know made a mistake in what we said or we felt like we acted foolish or a myriad of other things. So I wanted us as a group to start a practice and continue it of healing each moment that we can remember of our lives.

Where we feel we didn’t do the right thing. Or we feel we’re judging ourselves. Or we feel we could have done better. And so tonight keeping that in mind. I want to continue the conversation by talking about what it might look like. To anchor our consciousness in our hearts.

Permanently. To create a shift in where we operate from. From our minds to our hearts. I want to first say that this can be daunting and starling for a few different reasons. One of the reasons is because. We have a lot. Of things in feelings that take us out of our heart and I’m going to go over that in a minute.

But there are actually some more interesting symptoms that happen as we move our consciousness from our mind to our heart and I want to talk about that a little bit. What actually happens is our mind works a certain way it’s working on a certain track it’s working with information memory, it’s operating a certain way just like a computer.

And our hearts work entirely differently, they work connected to this broad broad endless, limitless energy of creativity imagination intelligence a goodness warmth, so many things connection. And so when our consciousness dips down to our heart. And because very grounded and anchored there. There are some symptoms that happen as a result at first one symptom is.

That it’s possible that we. No longer are thinking in the same way so we might get scared thinking oh my god, my mind’s not working, right? I’m not accessing the same information files that I was, you know, always used to accessing well, it’s not anything to be afraid of.

It’s something that typically happens when people move to their hearts. And it happens before they get acclimated on how to be in their heart. So remember. If this happens don’t fight the process because if you fight the process your mind is going to keep trying to move back up and our consciousness is going to try to move back up to your mind and right access the ways of thinking that it’s used to but then the other part of you is going to be trying to be in your heart and you’re going to create this imbalance inside of yourself, so if you’re starting to feel a little.

Weird about how you’re thinking remember, let your heart take over the faster you let that happen the faster you stream on to the next level of your experience. The other thing is that our minds are limited so our consciousness is used to working within this limitation. So we want to be recorded consciousness is suddenly.

Dressed it into this pool of infinity. That it’s overwhelming at first. So remember just keep acclimating keep focused keep being self-assured and assured that you’re doing the right thing and that. You want to quickly understand and learn how to be in your heart? Now and we’re practicing what that looks like and feels like we all know I know you’ve all experienced what I’m talking about you always have those moments of oh my god, this is something I just can’t get over.

I can’t access my heart in this moment. This could be. For so many reasons one perhaps you’re afraid and perhaps you’re experiencing fear about something that’s not even real either something that’s not happening but you’re just afraid of it happening or something like oh my god you’re afraid that you’re not gonna have enough money for rent or oh my god you’re afraid that you’re going to have some health issue or you are having a health issue of some kind and it’s frightening you.

So when we’re practicing bringing our consciousness to our heart, we would first.

Kind of create a an observation of well, where are we what what does fear feel like? So we go deep inside and say okay, what is fear feel like we’ll fear feels. Kind of constricting. And and it doesn’t feel good. And. Fear feels limiting and it makes me feel small it makes me feel alone.

In the world and sometimes makes me feel hopeless. So I look at all of those feelings and I ask myself. Is that me. Is that who I want to be? Do I have a say in this? And if I am afraid and I can’t just turn that fear off.

Can I find that infinite limitless endless part of me, that’s so peaceful? And solid. And warm. That part of me that envelopes me. In goodness. And in the shirness of my opinus. When I think about it. I can sense it and feel it and I know that’s my heart.

So the more I can take my attention and put it into my heart the stronger. I can make my awareness of how powerful the heart’s energy is and how accessible it is. And how is the truer place? For my attention and my consciousness more real and I can quickly.

Go from possible anxious hysterical thoughts to a calm. Inner strength. A calm place. Of peace. And unknowing. That I’m okay and I’m connected. I’m not alone.

So we have so many moments like this, you know, perhaps you’re having thoughts that are. Remaining in self-pity. Maybe you feel that life is too hard for you. Or that life gave you the wrong end of the stick or the short end of this dick? Or that others have expectations of you that they don’t have of themselves.

I know that when I was first initially in earnest practicing being loving. One of the first thoughts that came back to me was why me oh why should I have to what why don’t everybody else why can’t they and and what about me if I love everyone who will love me and if they’re not loving me, why should I love them and this whole kind of?

Really intense conflicting thought process went through my mind. And this happened for months. And as. I was confronted with this thought process. I just kept coming to the place inside of myself that recognized that I didn’t like how that felt. I recognized that I didn’t want to be outside of my heart just because other people were.

I didn’t want to stop loving just because I didn’t feel loved from others. I didn’t want to take away my good feelings. Just because I didn’t perceive others had them. So over time. It made sense to me. That the only person. That I could. Be partners in this process with in this moment was myself.

And that I.

Wanted. To be loving. No matter what. And that was the statement. I would say to myself when those other negative challenging thoughts would come. I would just keep going to my heart in saying I want to be loving no matter what.

So wither you are experiencing self-pity. Or perhaps you’re feelings are hurt. Or somebody offended you. Or even you are being mean to yourself. And judging yourself in a harsh fashion. When any of these things that are happening that are creating discord in you? Let’s try a couple of different things but we’ll start here first ask yourself how you feel in the discord.

How does it feel to you? If you are way outside of your heart, you might think it feels good there are people that feel that say they feel good after raging at somebody or wanting vengeance feels good those people are far far outside their hearts. So you’ll have to reign yourself in if you feel any of those feelings feel good to you you’ll have to question it contemplated.

Ask yourself deeper, whoa, what’s going on with me? Is this who I really want to be.

And if you’re not that far, you can just start to feel what does feeling angry feel like to you. What does feeling bad and small and intimidated? Feel like to you. What does it feel like to you when you feel jealous?

That’s a hard one. And a big one. What does it feel like to you when you’ve been rejected?

What does it feel like in your body and your mind? When someone has betrayed you.

Feel like when you feel abandoned. Or left out. What does it feel like to you when all your friends go out together and they didn’t invite you?

Or that you heard someone you thought. You trusted talk behind your back. In a negative way.

There are many many many incidents is that happen on a daily basis. If you can imagine how much? Time. We all spend. In self-protection and defense. And how much time we operate in the world by being watchful of the people around us. To ensure our self-preservation. But that self-preservation goes beyond physical.

It’s also self-preservation of the ego. And that’s what we’re trying to shift. So imagine in all those moments getting a real sense of what it feels like to feel all those things rejection betrayal jealousy and more.

And then ask yourself is that where I want to be? Are those the feelings that I want to live with on a day-to-day basis?

Do I want this to be my reality? Do I want? To live from these feelings. And to make decisions from this pain. If the answer comes back, no. Then you clearly. Have an open path to your heart. Then you can ask. You know, what if, What if my heart was in charge right now?

How would I feel it is very situation? I could be jealous betrayed rejected. I could be scared. I could be offended my feelings could be hurt. I could be judging myself anything. And in that moment what if my heart took over? What would that feel like? And as you dip into that.

Sensation. See if you can grow it.

See if you can describe. To yourself. What that heart energy is doing to you and what it feels like. Is it relaxing your body? It should be. Is it quieting your mind?

Is it giving you the sense of fullness? And a certain preciousness and care around you.

Is it giving you calmness?

And trust.

That everything is okay. And will continue to be okay. Is it allowing a sense of gratitude to well up inside of you? Again as you begin to feel these sensations. Then see if you can grow them. See if you can access these sensations anytime in any situation.

So. The second. Thing that I want us to do this week and it’s a practice. I actually sent out an email earlier, but not all of you might be on my I have a Google group email if you want to be on that email just put a comment in today.

Here and I’ll add you to that group. So imagine giving yourself some help with getting rid of the negative thoughts that are coming the negative feelings the negative ideas. And as they come maybe you’re jealous, maybe you feel betrayed, maybe you just feel depressed. Maybe you feel down for another reason.

I want you to begin creating a practice as you can maybe can’t do this out in the world. But I want you to begin creating a practice where you’re pushing that energy away and saying that’s not me. That’s not me and really creating some space from it some freedom from it.

So that inside of yourself you have. Ability to access that heart energy. Okay, so I see our time is coming to a close. I want you all to know we’re going to continue this conversation next week because we didn’t really go into it. Some of the areas that I wanted to but practice this will get an email out to you.

I just want you to view to know how important you are to me how much it means to me that you’re here sharing this time and committing your. Heart to healing the world with me. I love you so much and so dearly and I appreciate you. Okay, so I hope to see you all next week.

Universal Heart & Universal Ego
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