Multi-Day Retreat Intensives

Sivan Garr’s Multi-Day Retreat Intensive experiences are a cathartic and groundbreaking journey into the heart center of her spiritual work. These deeply intensive engagements offer the chance to plunge into the deepest places within, in order to attain pivotal moments of breakthrough, release and self transformation.

Upcoming Event

Weekend Retreat

Immerse yourself in the transformative energy and teachings of Sivan and the breathtaking beauty of Mandala Springs in Cobb, CA!

Date: March 29th - March 31st

Location: Mandala Springs in Cobb, CA

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Retreat events occur with a small and dedicated group of students. Sivan strikes the optimal balance between the healing potential that can be achieved with group dynamics while also acknowledging and tailoring to the unique needs of each and every participant.

By creating a space for healing that takes place outside the everyday rigors of modern life, these events bestow a critical distance and perspective in which to do the deepest work on one’s self, and reflect on your everyday life, and livelihood.

This experience can truly change your entire being, and it’s benefits have a value beyond measure.

  • It's hard to know where I would be in my life had I met different friends, or made different decisions; but I can absolutely say that if I had never met Sivan, my business would not be nearly as successful, my body would not be nearly as healthy, and my amazing relationship with my girlfriend would have been over long ago. Sivan has completely changed my life. She's been my teacher, my coach, and my best friend. I've rarely met anyone in my life who truly cares about me and my growth as much as she does. Every time I'm with her, I leave feeling determined to be a better and more loving human being. She's taught to me how to push myself, how to see myself, how to forgive, and how to love more deeply and unconditionally. Sivan is an absolute angel and it's been priceless having her as a friend.
    Josh Gronner
    Owner, Everyone Can Music School
If you are unable to attend the listed retreats, but would like to attend a similar event in your area – please Contact Sivan to initiate a connection.