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Group Events with Sivan

Group events provide a dynamic, enriching platform to experience Sivan’s teachings of growth, healing, and transformation.

Sivan reveals how to apply spiritual principles to real-life circumstances, how to accelerate your spiritual awakening, and focuses her healing energy to benefit each participant. Join her next event!

Weekly Groups

The puzzle of the spiritual path and all its pieces are shared by Sivan with a rare expertise, clarity, and succinctness. Sivan reveals endless, divine details about the finer points of being successful on a spiritual path, shared in a way that you can apply immediately to your own daily life.

Each attendee is welcome to ask Sivan personal questions and interact with her directly. Being a part of a group of like-minded people allows a 'group energy' to form that works to magnify and accelerate each person's healing experience. Expect to be moved, surprised, informed, and loved.

One Day Retreats

Sivan believes that our time together is precious. She combines an artful array of information, exercises, and more, touching on one specific spiritual subject at each retreat. Teaching throughout the day, Sivan also offers question and answer periods.

Each one is unique and tailored to address one area of spirituality and life in order to create the opportunity for each person to have a breakthrough in that area. Spending an entire day together allows for a more personal connection and therefore more possibility for change and transformation!

Multi-Day Retreat Intensive

These retreats are the high points of the year for Sivan and attendees. The experiences are a truly cathartic and groundbreaking journey into the heart center of Sivan’s spiritual work. These deeply intensive engagements offer the chance to plunge into the deepest places within, in order to attain pivotal moments of breakthrough, release, and self- transformation.

Several days of very personal work, shared with other people committed to their spiritual path, is the fastest, most effective way to leap forward on your path! Sivan strives to create an environment that is safe, caring yet challenging, and profound.


Upcoming Events

may, 2024

  • Sivan is THE BEST! Truly. It's hard to describe the impact she's had on my life, because I know 100% that I would not be the person I am today without her everlasting and tremendous love, support, acceptance, and clarity. She seems to always know exactly what I need in a particular moment - whether it's a push towards change, an eye-opening revelation that helps me see myself or my situation more clearly, or simply soothing comfort. Always - I feel her love, her dedication, and her desire to help me. Always - after seeing her I have a deeper sense of ok-ness with myself, and deeper gratitude towards life. Every time I speak with Sivan, I walk away with a beautiful and resounding nugget of wisdom. I carry it with me, repeat it to others, and use it on a daily basis.. It's always perfect for the moment, and always changing. Her wisdom consistently shows me how to be a more loving person - which is my greatest desire. I have known Sivan for 11 years, and her love and wisdom grows more and more every day. It never stops! Her love, her energy, her willingness, her positivity, her fun-ness, her humor, her perpetual YES - all help me see how I can be a better person. She is a champion of love, one of the greatest gifts on this planet, and I feel incredibly honored to have her as my teacher and my friend.
    Tracy Friesen
    Writer / Personal Chef / Assistant