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Limitless Love Project -The Gift of a Spiritual Path

The Gift of a Spiritual Path

Sivan talks about the importance of making an effort to grow spiritually when we feel good in order to move faster on our path and to gain strength for moments when we are experiencing difficulty. She elaborates on the concept of time in relation to our spiritual growth and provides a new surrender practice to achieve being present and becoming unconditionally loving.

Limitless Love Project - Our Goals on a Spiritual Path

Our Goals on a Spiritual Path

Sivan covers the main goals of a spiritual path. She talks about what a spiritual path is, why people embark on a spiritual path, the tools we are given in this life, and what we are trying to do. She discusses how we connect and identify as the infinite on a spiritual path and how we begin to channel that through our hearts. Be a part of reducing the suffering on this planet. Reevaluate your path and what you can focus on more in order to reach the goals she covers.

Limitless Love Project - The Levels on a Spiritual Path

The Levels on a Spiritual Path

Sivan explains some details about what it looks like to grow on a spiritual path. You will learn how we are growing and how the path works. She covers some experiences we might have along the way, how we are attracting these experiences, and how we might get stuck on one level as well as how to overcome it. She includes personal stories to demonstrate her explanations.

Feeling Separate on the Spiritual Path
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