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Bark! Howl! Jump! Stand on your head! Sing loudly silly songs! Leap like a frog – boldly act in a way that is not common to […]

Who You Are

You are, who you are, everywhere you are, with every single thing you are doing. You have the freedom to bring all of your amazing talents […]

Feeling Separate on the Spiritual Path

There is a common misconception about being separate on a spiritual path. Learn two simple steps you can follow when you have this feeling.

Why We Deserve Good Things

Do you feel that you do not deserve good things? Learn a combination of a thought process and thought-out actions to help you overcome this.

The Spin Cycle

Learn why some situations repeat in your life. Learn how discomfort can result in us being motivated to seek change, find answers, and heal.

Destination . . . Destiny!

Gain the motivation to change, create your own destiny, and find your way back to your heart. You have the ability to change!

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