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Does Life Get in the Way of Our Spiritual Path?

Learn how our day-to-day lives are connected to our path. Discover what a spiritual path is and how to bring intention for growth every day.

Limitless Love Project

Limitless Love Project icon full disable Weekly WebcastEvery Friday at 6:30 pm PT icon Register Now #register_now left 4 center #cc9966 #ffffff Heal your life and […]

Multi-Day Retreat Intensives

Multi-Day Retreat Intensives icon Sivan Garr’s Multi-Day Retreat Intensive experiences are a cathartic and groundbreaking journey into the heart center of her spiritual work. These deeply […]


The Limitless Love Project Sivan believes that love can heal the world. line View Sivan\’s Webcasts We may not always know the way, but we know […]

Upcoming Events

Propel your path forward! Group Events with Sivan Group events provide a dynamic, enriching platform to experience Sivan’s teachings of growth, healing, and transformation.Heading + desccenterno-repeat;center […]

one-on-one with Sivan

One-on-One with Sivan

Sivan Garr’s One-on-One Sessions experience provides the opportunity to work privately with Sivan on your progression along the Spiritual Path. Working with Sivan in this way […]

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