Why We Deserve Good Things

A common statement I hear from people I work with is, “I don’t feel like I deserve good things.” This is an amazingly prevalent feeling and thought process. This is an inner program that stops them from ‘getting in line with their dreams’.

This is the ego working to put up barriers to the full freedom of their self-expression.

The things they feel they don’t deserve can be anything from getting a raise or a promotion, to having a beautiful and loving partner in their relationship, or living in a beautiful home, having nice clothes, or perhaps the simple pleasure of having somebody be nice to them.

If this is you:

How do you change?
How can you come to feel deserving?
How can you open a door to receive more in your life?

I suggest beginning with a combination of a thought process and thought-out actions.

A simple thought process would be, “I deserve everything wonderful life has to offer!” This can be repeated throughout the day, as you can remember. Then, you can pick very specific actions of deserving. These actions should be absolutely in line with your health and well-being. This could mean that you begin to eat better food, with the specific thought in mind that you deserve to be well taken care of. It could be that you sit down slowly eat your food off of beautiful plates, telling yourself that you deserve the very best and you deserve the time to eat peacefully. It could mean that you give yourself a foot massage every night while telling yourself, and your feet, just how wonderful you are and how you deserve the very best.

Keep in mind that a combination of changing thoughts and creating intentional actions are a big part of how we can change the patterns that we feel stuck in.

I love you each dearly! You deserve the very best of everything!

Why We Deserve Good Things
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