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Can we be angry and still love?

I found that anger and love mixed together is a perfect recipe for dynamic change, understanding, and a path to healing.

Forgiving Without Forgetting

This process of forgiving ourselves and changing our memories can lead us to be exactly who we want to be, no matter what the circumstances.

More on Empaths & Touch

Empaths can feel pain from others when touched by them. This can be a great topic of conversation and a movement towards healing.

Empath Practices

I have decided to post several of my practices for releasing negative energy. What follows is is a very brief introductory list that I will expand […]

The “Eyes” have it

Are there rules of engagement when it comes to eye contact? Can you ‘stare’ too long? Does not looking in the eyes of another at all, […]

Egos Say the Same Things

Egos all say the same things. Many times using the exact same language. A common ego statement is, “I need to stand up for myself!” Even […]

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