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Limitless Love Project - Create Inner Healing

Create Inner Healing

Sivan uses the global event of the pandemic as an example to help us face these situations from a spiritual perspective. She discusses what we can do and what our opportunities are in these moments, in order to further our own evolution and to bring more love and more healing to the planet. 

Limitless Love Project - The Healing Power of Listening

The Healing Power of Listening

Sivan discusses the role we can play in order to help others and the world. She provides a variety of practices we can do every day to open our hearts and focuses specifically on the healing power of listening.

Limitless Love Project -The Fastest Path to Spiritual Healing

The Fastest Path to Spiritual Healing

Sivan explains how an open heart is the most direct route to healing, illumination, and our growth. By telling her own story around openning her heart on her path and how it transformed her spiritual experience, she makes it clear that we all have the key for healing inside of us.

Healing Your Heart By Opening Your Heart
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