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The Most Effective Practice for Awakening

Developing the observer within is a key practice for heightening our awareness and experiencing permanent spiritual healing. Learn the role of the observer in our lives and how to use it in a way that fuels our path. Direct your thoughts in a positive direction and begin to observe the heart. It takes only one-minute a day of this practice for powerful results.

You Can Create Magic in Every Moment

We are where we are supposed to be and there is magic happening wherever we are. Bring positivity to every moment you are in. Experience where you are to the fullest and make choices that will help create a more fulfilled life. Once we land consciously in the moment we are in, the door to the next part of our lives is close at hand.

The Power of Self-Kindness

Follow your own personal destiny. Become clear about who you are and what you want. When you are in the flow of your soul, you are moving to your own rhythm, finding a way to live each moment within the reality of who it is you truly are. Start on a path of treating yourself in a way that you want to be treated. Self kindness Is the first step in creating relationships with others that is also built on compassion.

Positive Choices on the Path

We can make choices that affect us and the world in a positive way. Become more clear on what direction you want to go. Allow your heart to instruct you on your next step. Find a way to experience what your path brings and still choose all love and goodness anyway.

Strengthen Your Resolve to Love

Re-engage and replenish your energy around your path and love. Create a stronger sense of self. Cultivate care with yourself and others. Recognize where you are in terms of how you are feeling about yourself, your path, and your role in your life and the world. Create miracles on this planet and in your life.

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