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Loneliness & Longing

When processed through the heart, loneliness morphs into longing. When one is open to the experience, longing clearly becomes a deep inner call to find our […]

Feeling Separate on the Spiritual Path

There is a common misconception about being separate on a spiritual path. Learn two simple steps you can follow when you have this feeling.

Shut out the Negative Voices

Learn how to manage the negative voices that can persist and never fail to find things that are wrong. You can overcome it!


Many of us are stuck in our opinions, beliefs, or identity. Learn about complete and continuous expansion of our hearts and souls.

The Ultimate Goal

Learn to create peace in yourself and the world. A peace that happens when your deepest self begins to emerge and all else falls away.

Destination . . . Destiny!

Gain the motivation to change, create your own destiny, and find your way back to your heart. You have the ability to change!

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