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Build Your Inner Reservoir of Strength

Become inspired to find your inner strength in difficult times or times of tragedy. Learn tools to help you manage these situations.

Build Your Strengths

Sivan talks about a common misconception about the spiritual path and what it's really about.

Focus on Strength

How to focus on the heart and your inner-strength.

Limitless Love Project - Reconnect with Your Strength

Reconnect with Your Strength

Sivan talks about the effect of the ego and moving it out of our way in order for our hearts to engage in the leadership role in our lives. She explains how we can feel strong in the face of depression or negativity. Learn how to focus on the positive stories of your life in order to draw upon your experiences of clarity, wisdom, accomplishment, strength, and ability to overcome difficult situations. Sivan motivates us to broaden our self-observation and to utilize our free time to discover the hero stories of our own lives!

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Reconnect with Your Strength

Move our ego out of our way for our hearts to take a leadership role. Learn how we can feel strong in the face of depression or negativity.

Limitless Love Project - Tap Into Your Otherworldly Strength

Tap Into Your Otherworldly Strength

Sivan discusses the kind of love that is required to create the most incredible transformation you can imagine. Learn to gather strength in simply remembering that there is light and that good exists in the world. Choose love in difficult situations or when we feel anger, jealousy, or overwhelming negative emotions. Tap into your otherworldly strength to face these situations from love and learn how to surrender if you struggle to do so.

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