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Prayer beads

Gratitude For An Answered Prayer

When I was 26, I managed a department at a savings and loan. My daughters were in kindergarten and first grade. One of my employees, Suzy, […]

Limitless Love Project - The Power of Prayer

The Power of Prayer

Ignite change and healing in your own life through prayer. Sivan uncovers the mysteries behind prayer including how they work and how to pray effectively. Learn how to create consciousness around prayers, new ways to use prayer, and the common blocks to prayers and how to overcome them. Discover why sometimes prayers seem to work and sometimes they don’t. Use this new knowledge of prayer as a tool for co-creation with the divine of your destiny.


Join Our Weekly Webcast Limitless Love Project Sivan’s Limitless Love Project takes place each week online for 30 minutes. She will guide you through the process […]


Everyone Wants To Feel Safe

This morning, four people and myself drove to Oakland to film for our next Youtube video. This video is going to be, ‘It’s You And Me.’ […]

mountain climbing - clouds

Good Enough Is Not Enough — I Want To Be Better!

I really went through so much trying to figure out what to write this week and of the countless subjects I could have picked, all that […]

A Shocking Story Of Forgiveness

For as long I can remember, I felt a deep internal pull to ease pain in the world. My most memorable emotion when I was a […]

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