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Limitless Love Project

Sivan’s Limitless Love Project takes place each week online for 30 minutes. She will guide you through the process of tapping into your true loving self, giving you tools and practices that you can utilize throughout the week. Sivan’s goal is to create and support a community of like-minded people working together to heal themselves and heal the world. Attending each week will keep you on track and help you learn endless ways to live from your heart every day!


Spiritual Life Coach

Since 1995, Bay Area Spiritual Coach, Sivan Garr, has dedicated her life to guiding others toward the attainment of wholeness, happiness, success, and freedom of expression that is seated in the eternal truth of the heart.

Sivan offers practical and powerful tools for helping individuals transverse life’s challenges and creates internal and external revolutions in their lives. The creator of the inspirational “I Love You” Youtube video, Sivan’s mission is to help empower people in every aspect of their lives.

Sivan has found a clear language for translating life’s everyday experiences and hardships into opportunities for love and success. Sivan offers her teachings in a variety of forms including: a membership program, her ebook on the 4 Pillars of a Spiritual Path,  and weekly webcasts.


The Four Pillars of A Spiritual Path

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A spiritual path can often seem complex and daunting, especially when we are in a difficult place on our path or don’t know where to begin. Sivan has written this ebook in order to light your path and bring clarity every step of the way. Fill out the form below to get a complimentary copy and continue your spiritual journey.

Live Events & In-Person Meetings

Experience Sivan

Weekly Conversations - A weekly group session. Join in-person or virtually.

One-Day Seminars - From 10am to 5pm, Sivan works to empower individuals in a group setting.

Multi-Day Retreat Intensives - Spend an entire weekend or week with Sivan to enrich your spiritual path.

Limitless Love Project - A weekly webcast focused on living from the heart.

Lectures & Presentations - Public talks by Sivan.

Four Pillars of Spiritual Living

Sivan's Teachings &
Spiritual Life Coaching

Sivan’s highly effective teachings are founded upon her Four Pillars of Spiritual Living. These powerful elements demystify the complex and intangible aspects of spirituality into precise, coherent and timeless wisdom that can be practically applied to all aspects of your life.
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Success Stories

Carine Camara

  • Paola Acuna
    If you are looking to take action on your life, look no further.... Sivan is it!
    Paola Acuna
  • Shiroko Sokitch
    Sivan has an incredible gift of translating the language of spirituality into practical steps that I can follow.
    Shiroko Sokitch
    M.D. & Acupuncturist
  • Srinika Narayan
    Her presence imparts a strength that helps me take action and make empowering changes in my life.
    Srinika Narayan
  • Each time I see Sivan for a session, I am catapulted to a new level of being as a healer, as a friend, as a loving human being. She has given me tools and awareness for clarity, peace, and dedication to who I want to be. She is a rock, and her compassion, her realness and insight – have guided me to my heart and to my potential.
    Rachael Angelese
    Owner, The BodySong Massage Center and School
  • My experience as Sivan's student has been no less than a miracle. She literally saved my life and the positive changes in my life have been astounding. Things I never dreamed were possible have occurred. The transformation is so evident, even others notice the changes. Sivan's love and compassion are not of this world. She is always on point with her advice and guidance. She makes any pain in life bearable and shows me how to see everything with crystal clear clarity.
    Kareema Franco
    CEO, From There To Here Imports
  • Srinika Narayan
    Sivan offers me an open space to understand my ego-patterns without fear or judgement. Her presence imparts a strength that helps me take action and make empowering changes in my life.
    Srinika Narayan
  • Natasha Robbins
    Sivan brings awareness of spirit into the realm of everyday living. Her ability to deeply listen with eyes of compassion helps transform fear into love, forgiveness and tender possibility. I am forever grateful for the light she offers.
    Natasha Robbins
    CMT/Colon Hydrotherapist/Bioenergetic SCIO-Therapist
  • Sivan is a unique genius. I believe that there are few people of her caliber alive today. It has been a miracle and privilege to have had her in my life for nearly ten years now. Every minute I spend with her is an expansive experience. Her brilliant clarity blows me away. She is able to illustrate the most intricate spiritual concepts in a way that makes sense. Sivan redefines possible. She has catapulted my entire life on every level. There is no amount of money, gift, or words that I could offer that would be enough to thank her with. She has profoundly changed the trajectory and sustainability of my happiness in the deepest, most sincere ways.
    Sara Lahey
    Founder of Hunting Happiness Project
  • I now feel free to make my own choices and I trust myself to either make the right decisions, or to change the way things are going when I realize I’m on the wrong track. My work with Sivan has empowered me to direct my life successfully in the direction that I really want, knowing deeply that my options are limitless.
    Marie Thouin
    Doctoral Student, East-West Psychology
  • Shiroko Sokitch
    Sivan has been an incredible support on my spiritual path. She has consistently been there whenever I needed her. Her guidance helped me to understand things with clarity, love, compassion, and a gentle humor. She has an incredible gift of translating the language of spirituality into practical steps that I can follow. There is a magic in her presence that makes me feel nurtured and safe so that my deepest pain can be healed. I am eternally grateful for her love and support all these years.
    Shiroko Sokitch
    M.D. & Acupuncturist
  • Whenever I am at a crossroad in my life and am confused about what direction to take, I consult with Sivan. Her amazing clarity about my gifts and what is blocking me from moving forward in a positive direction, coupled with her ability to lovingly and directly communicate what she sees, has helped me tremendously in every aspect of my life. I value her guidance and friendship beyond measure.
    Sandy Peace
  • Sivan is THE BEST! Truly. It's hard to describe the impact she's had on my life, because I know 100% that I would not be the person I am today without her everlasting and tremendous love, support, acceptance, and clarity. She seems to always know exactly what I need in a particular moment - whether it's a push towards change, an eye-opening revelation that helps me see myself or my situation more clearly, or simply soothing comfort. Always - I feel her love, her dedication, and her desire to help me. Always - after seeing her I have a deeper sense of ok-ness with myself, and deeper gratitude towards life. Every time I speak with Sivan, I walk away with a beautiful and resounding nugget of wisdom. I carry it with me, repeat it to others, and use it on a daily basis.. It's always perfect for the moment, and always changing. Her wisdom consistently shows me how to be a more loving person - which is my greatest desire. I have known Sivan for 11 years, and her love and wisdom grows more and more every day. It never stops! Her love, her energy, her willingness, her positivity, her fun-ness, her humor, her perpetual YES - all help me see how I can be a better person. She is a champion of love, one of the greatest gifts on this planet, and I feel incredibly honored to have her as my teacher and my friend.
    Tracy Friesen
    Writer / Personal Chef / Assistant
  • D.W.
    Sivan has shown me how to open doors in my life that I didn't even believe I had access to.
  • Dear Sivan, I would like to share with you how wonderful it is that you came into my life. I never really came to the point of committing suicide - the thoughts were simply accompanying me like a silent partner. I was hardly aware how my anger was subtly and slowly killing me. My heart knew there was just one way to save me: the undogmatic super human who was strong (like Arnold) to break through my concrete walls and caring, loving and gentle like an angel, wise enough to see through my games, clever enough to outsmart my ego, patient enough to last my angry fighting - in short the perfect human being which would be a match to my ego's confidence that I would never be able to find anyone who would be a match. I traveled across the world and ruthlessly tested teacher after teacher after teacher - no one passed the tests. Until I found Sivan one day - my ego has tried for 18 years to find a fault - it has been working at it restlessly and mercilessly and with German precision. It hasn't found a fault yet. I can't imagine who else could have stood by my side the way she has. She has given me a new life of freedom and happiness. My command of English is not sufficient to express my gratitude.
    Andreas Blachian
    Owner, From There To Here Imports
  • Sivan is filled with a wisdom that gives me strength and clarity when I most need it – she is always right on! Her compassion and ability to see to the core of an issue is a gift she shares in an incredibly effective way, opening up doors where I didn’t know they existed previously. She is a rare gem on this planet!
    Jy Gronner
    Owner, Palisades Music School
  • It's hard to know where I would be in my life had I met different friends, or made different decisions; but I can absolutely say that if I had never met Sivan, my business would not be nearly as successful, my body would not be nearly as healthy, and my amazing relationship with my girlfriend would have been over long ago. Sivan has completely changed my life. She's been my teacher, my coach, and my best friend. I've rarely met anyone in my life who truly cares about me and my growth as much as she does. Every time I'm with her, I leave feeling determined to be a better and more loving human being. She's taught to me how to push myself, how to see myself, how to forgive, and how to love more deeply and unconditionally. Sivan is an absolute angel and it's been priceless having her as a friend.
    Josh Gronner
    Owner, Everyone Can Music School
  • Yesenia Sanchez
    I met Sivan when I was a 23-year-old seeker. At the time, all I knew was that there was a "me" that I was not able to get to. A person that I knew myself to be deep in my soul, but that I could not gain access to. My depression, fear, addictions, anger and poverty mentality had taken over my life to the point where it was all I could see. I was desperate for light, desperate to experience a part of myself that was whole and connected, and desperate to find love and healing. At the same time, I wanted so badly to help people and be a force of light and good in this world, but knew that I could not do it from where I was.

    When I met Sivan I had this moment where I just "knew". I knew that I had met my teacher, and that through this amazing woman I would find myself, the "me" that I longed to be. Twenty years later, I cannot express the radical shifts internally and externally that have happened in my life directly connected to my spiritual work with Sivan. Through her precise clarity, her deep commitment to my growth, and most of all her unconditional love, she helped me move from seeking into finding.

    Externally, my life has changed dramatically with Sivan's guidance. My life is filled with abundance and prosperity. My heart opened and I found my life partner. I am running my own successful business and can finally begin to give back and help others in the spirit of all that was given to me. And the work continues. It grows richer and deeper, ever unfolding into miracles and limitless possibility. I am forever grateful to Sivan.
    Yesenia Sanchez
    Soleil Coaching & Consulting
  • a formal statement testifying to someone's character and qualifications. synonyms: recommendation · reference · character reference This is the definition of testimonial. What I would tell you about Sivan is so much better that a 'formal statement'. I will tell you about her loving manner, inner strength and her straight forward approach to helping people attain the very best position on the spiritual path that they are currently walking. I will recommend that you utilize her guidance to move even further along the path that you have chosen to reach oneness with God. I will reference my much improved enlightenment and constant forward movement toward my own personal spiritual goal. And finally I will tell you that her character references are exceptional. She is steadfast and loyal towards all persons within her glow of powerful healing and love. Turn on your heart light and Sivan will empower your bright and shining unconditional love! Love to you and all of yours, Pat
    Patricia Opfer
  • Isaias Franco
    Prior to becoming Sivan’s student, I was simply living but now I feel alive!

    The transformations that I’ve experienced personally, professionally and financially since working with Sivan are nothing short of miraculous. Sivan has helped me find, harness and grow my inner strength which in turn has phenomenally impacted all areas of my life.

    As Sivan’s student, I’ve learned how to be loving, strong, and clear minded, I’ve created amazing relationships with people from all walks of life, I’ve gone from financial struggles to financial freedom by way of a career that I love and so much more! Simply put, Sivan has helped me create a life that at one time I could have only dreamed of.
    Isaias Franco
  • Graham
    Sivan has supercharged every area of my life, from relationships to work-life to friendships, with her powerful guidance on opening the heart and building deep, deep awareness. I've worked with Sivan for over 5 years and hardly recognize the person I was when I began work with her. I encourage you to meet her!
  • Working with Sivan has been a totally transformational experience! I have never before experienced such depth of love, caring and clarity. My relationships, energy healing practice and every aspect of my life has profoundly benefited and positively changed in unforeseen ways. I am so grateful for Sivan. I feel so happy, lucky and blessed to have her in my life!
  • Joy Opfer
    The Weekly Conversations are a potent way to stay connected to my heart, my practice, and my intention to grow. The sessions are varied, and always positive and helpful to learn to work with difficult feelings or subjects that we all encounter. Even when I approach them casually, the level of healing from just this weekly touchstone always amazes me.
    Joy Opfer
  • A.F.
    Sivan has changed my life in such a way that I now see the possibilities of my future as limitless. I have learned how to view the obstacles in life as opportunities of growth and have become resolution oriented. In the past, I suffered from depression, which was debilitating to my everyday life and the simplest of tasks. I have come to the point where I am able to see my depressive thoughts, detach myself from them emotionally, and not get into the downward spiraling pitfall of darkness. I am able to tap into the compassion of my heart and see everyone in my life as partners in my spiritual path. I now possess the strength to keep moving forward and upward no matter what; no matter how badly I may feel I want to give up. My communication skills with others have increased exponentially and I am able to solve issues where all parties involved come to a happy conclusion. In the past, when issues with others would arise, I would get angry and possibly hold a grudge because I did not know how to put my emotions and stubbornness aside. I am now able to express myself clearly and effectively while operating with others to solve a problem. Working closely with Sivan, I have learned how to live life through my heart and base decisions from a place of love, compassion, and understanding. My heart has grown so much due to Sivan's relentless guidance and support. Her patience and instruction is remarkable and impressive beyond words. She has never given up on me; not even in my darkest of times. She has always made me feel that this life is worth fighting for and we all have a purpose here. I am eternally grateful for the love and compassion she has persistently shared with me because I now have a life I am excited to live!
  • If you are looking to take action on your life, look no further.... Sivan is it! I have been working with Sivan for 7 years now and the person I am now is a completely different person from the person I was then. Within the first 6 months, I had more strength, more clarity, and more relief and healing than I ever had in the past. I had spent a good 7 years working with a therapist prior, and although that was helpful, the change that I received from working with Sivan in a short amount of time was a game changer! I can now confidently say that I love my life! I am stronger, happier, and have much more confidence and consciousness than I ever dreamed of! Sivan has guided me to have a successful business and has shown me what true and unconditional love and friendship is. Wow! Thank you Sivan for my life. I love you!
    Paola Acuna
  • Shirley Liu
    "I've experienced deep healing and transformation."
    Shirley Liu
    Media Producer
  • Peggy Wonder
    "I've grown in emotional strength."
    Peggy Wonder
  • Adriana Franco
    "I am living the life of my dreams today"
    Adriana Franco
    Television Producer
  • Isaias Franco
    "Life can be so much more than what we think."
    Isaias Franco
    High School Teacher and Founder of Global Baseball Adventures
  • Srinika Narayan
    "She's such a force of love, compassion and kindness."
    Srinika Narayan
    Acupuncturist and practitioner of Integrative Chinese Medicine
  • Shiroko Sokitch
    "She helped me feel grounded and centered in my deepest pain."
    Shiroko Sokitch
    M.D. & Acupuncturist