As a child, I saw world peace as an ultimate goal and it never even occurred to me that it was a lofty goal.

I thought, “Peace makes perfect sense for everyone, so it cannot be that hard to make happen, right?” As I grew older, I went along with this theory for a while. But I quickly became too concerned with my own lack of peace to involve myself too much in the world.

Then, I focused on inner peace.

I believed wholeheartedly that if my mind would shut up and I could have inner peace, that would solve my issues.

I questioned the ability to experience inner peace when outer peace was never going to happen.

I then focused on love. The kind of love that:

  • Sees the truth
  • Tells the truth ( but also knows when to be quiet)
  • Is sometimes loud
  • Gets dirty
  • Is ready to go the distance
  • Is willing to be waist-deep in someone else’s pain
  • Is able to look foolish – fumble over words, shake and be alive, (whatever that looks like)
  • Exploring all these facets more and more every day

I found that peace followed. A special kind of peace. A peace that happens when your deepest self begins to emerge and all else falls away.