The “Eyes” have it

Are there rules of engagement when it comes to eye contact? Can you ‘stare’ too long? Does not looking in the eyes of another at all, create mistrust? What about when you are listening to someone, talking, or just sitting and being with someone?

Of course, we all have judgments about these things. We are calculating a ridiculous amount of information within seconds of meeting someone. So, what makes you comfortable and uncomfortable? Start noticing!

I believe there is a deep healing exchange that can happen with eye contact. Within this experience, my aim is to make a great connection with everyone.

If I want to look at someone’s face at length, I will ask them for permission to do so. I also always observe to see if that person is uncomfortable with me looking at them. If they look uncomfortable, I may ask them to share what is happening to them, all the while keeping clear that healing is the focus of our meeting.

I will talk more about the healing exchange that can happen with eyes at another point. But, if you are interested, you can always email me personally and ask! I love you and support you in all of your light focused endeavors!

The “Eyes” have it
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