Small Efforts Can Make BIG Changes


Many people are trying to change or improve their lives. Maybe they seek a romantic relationship, more friends, more money, better career, or countless other things. So many times in life, people feel like what they really want is unattainable.

When people come to work with me, I like to share that big changes can, and do, come with small efforts. The key is all about consistency. I know that the changes I needed in my life never came from me making huge changes or moves in my outer life. Change came either when I had totally surrendered to whatever my life looked like in that moment, or when I made consistent small efforts.

There were times when I was young, that I would move to try to change the way I felt. From seventeen to nineteen I lived in six different apartments, in four different towns. I thought with each move that I would be improving something in my life. Yet every time, my problems followed me, on top of the fact that moving is a whole lotta work!

Over time, I began to realize that change and improvement in my life came from inside, not outside. Things got better when I became willing to do whatever it took to make those changes, or because I simply stopped fighting myself and my life.

The effort you could make could be as seemingly simple as doing a breathing exercise for 5 minutes a day. It could be as easy as calling one friend a day to tell them you love them. It could be making sure that you eat breakfast every single day. It could be forgiving one person a day.

I guarantee that if you try to make a consistent effort towards anything positive, no matter how small, that your life WILL shift and change for the better!

I love you!


Small Efforts Can Make BIG Changes
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