Radical Change!

Earlier today, I was talking to someone who really wants to dramatically change the direction of his life and feels that his fear is too great to accomplish this. This story is dedicated to him and to all those who may be in similar situations. This is a story of hope.

Sixteen years and two days ago, my life radically changed forever. Six months prior to that, my life was exactly as it had been for thirteen years. I was married at nineteen. I had two children by the time I was twenty-one. I began working at a Savings and Loan and stayed there. Essentially, living day in, day out. Same day. Same week. Same year. I, too, felt no power, no ability and no hope for change.

Then, the first Saturday in February that year, fate and I collided. I came in direct contact with my spiritual path. Simultaneously, I experienced absolute assuredness that my life was taking a brand new direction and at the same time, I still saw no hope, no solutions and no strength for change. For six months, as I was rapidly changing internally, I desperately sought solutions for making the change external and permanent. It was my lifelong dream (from the time I can actually remember) to have the ability to truly help people, deeply and substantially. Healing myself, I knew, was the first step towards realizing that dream.

Finally, solutions came. Fast, furious, seemingly obvious. Why hadn’t I seen them before? Pain came as well. Pain of letting go of a life that was dull, repetitive and unfulfilling, but very known.

I executed all of my plans and on July 11th, 1992, I drove away in a Mazda 323 from one life into a completely different life. I have never once looked back. I feel blessed every day that I am lucky enough to be living the life that I am, that I want, that is me!

This brief beginning to my story is a message:
To all those who don’t believe they can change…YOU CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Radical Change!
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