One of our great fears as humans is physical paralysis. We fear our consciousness being contained in an immovable vehicle.

We depend on our body’s flexibility and ability to move. Yet, at the same exact time, we fear (with almost equal intensity) mental freedom and lack of containment. In other words, we want our minds to be confined to a set of specific opinions, beliefs, and a firmly chiseled identity. It likes what it already knows.

The Concept of Eternity and Infinity

Do you remember contemplating eternity and infinity as a child? Did it freak you out? When I was a child, I can remember sleeping outside under the skies in the hot summers of Fresno, California. I loved watching the stars and imagining being somewhere else in the universe. I would wonder how far I could go away from Earth.

But then I would remember the idea that space is infinite and I would try to imagine a never-ending space in which to adventure! At some point, it would feel like my mind would curl back on itself, looking for the safety of what was known and had limits. At certain times, I felt that if I were to keep going, I might go insane. I could see that my mind wanted to be somewhat boxed in.

Complete Expansion of our Hearts and Souls

The truth is, to experience the complete and continuous expansion of our hearts and souls, our minds need to be as flexible as our bodies, even more!

This means that we cannot stay stuck in our opinions, our beliefs, or our identity and also find the freedom we are looking for. Start by questioning one solid belief you have. Just one.

And, have fun!
I love you dearly!

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