On Indecision…

I am often asked –

“Which way should I go?”

“Which job should I take?”

“What is the right thing to do?”

“Did I do the wrong thing?”

Indecision is a block for many people.

In spirituality, there is no right decision or wrong decision.
One decision will take you down one path, and one down another.

Truthfully, our choices each day are infinite!

Each decision has varying degrees of how much it will impact your life. Like, “Should I drink water or tea?”, or, “Should I tell my boss I am angry or not?” Each decision will offer a set of experiences. Some we call ‘good’ and some we call ‘bad’. But they are experiences none the less. If you wait at the crossroads until you know which road is the Right road, you may never leave where you are. Stop waiting for a ‘sign’ of rightness to live your life! Get moving! Experience will tell you the rest!

On Indecision…
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