Changing the Way We See Ourselves in the World

Changing the way we see ourselves in the world
Sivan continues to discuss the issues that may arise from the coronavirus and provides tools to help you get through any stressful situation. She offers insights into the best way for us to manage global issues by focusing on ourselves. Experience a deep delve into understanding how to get to know yourself better, heal yourself and your relationships, and how to create an environment of love and peacefulness inside of yourself.

Webcast Transcript Courtesy of Sivan Garr

What we’re going to talk about is what’s happening in our world right now. This huge new development of the Coronavirus and of everyone being kind of stuck in their homes, and all of the effects of that which are, of course happening at this point, financial issues, fear around health, all kinds of things.

I want to start tonight just by saying that I love you. And I’m going to talk specifically tonight about what our role is from a spiritual perspective, right now. I know that this is a very scary time and tough time and confusing time, and the people that are here joining me, I also know that you are the people that have chosen to be leaders of the Light in this world, and the ones that will need the most support in ensuring and assuring that you feel stable enough to share that stability, groundedness and love with others.

I have been talking about this really from my September retreat in 2016. More poignantly, when I started this webinar.  I started this webinar for this reason. Because I saw the patterns of energy that were happening in the world, and I saw that they were going to come to some very critical places. I also saw that we had an opportunity to shift the tide and it wasn’t going to be easy, but potentially we could do it. Obviously, we didn’t shift it enough to create a full avoidance of what lay ahead.

But I want us to look at how difficult it has been for us to remove our mind from our daily activity and our insanities and our competition and our jealousy, and our anger, and our hurt feelings, and our lack of forgiveness, and all these things, to really put one foot in front of the other, to come to a different place.

I’m saying these things because as a mass consciousness, what is happening in the world is reflecting what is happening inside of us. I’m also here, because there’s still hope. We still have an opportunity to shift the direction of the world, of humanity. But each of us has to be very astute, very clear, and very committed and very courageous in the face of all of this.

I know that many of you are empaths. And if you’re not an empath, you’re sensitive and you feel everything that’s happening right now and the massive fear and shock. What’s interesting is that I have a friend which many of you know, that does nutritional response healing. She tested to see which emotions were connected to the virus. The first emotion was shock, which was very interesting, and the second was rage. Those are interesting things just to file away and note in terms of what you’re feeling along the way.

Many people have been coming to me in the past couple of weeks and asking,

“Okay, what is my role? What do I do? Do I need to go out there and champion love, and you know, do something?” Some of the other things that I’ve been hearing are things like, “Okay, oh yeah, Sivan, I need to go and be loving and be kind. Yeah, I get it.” And we can look at this and know that this energy is not going to be enough, and that if we want something different to happen, WE have to DO something dramatically different.

Let’s erase everything right now. Let’s pretend we’re all starting brand new. Brand new. We’re in this world. We’ve woken up in this world with this situation, the virus.  We just know that, oh my gosh, this is what’s happening.

The very first thing that’s important at this point is to, one, know ourselves; two, heal ourselves, three, create an environment of love and peacefulness inside of ourselves. We each need to become an oasis of love and peace and everything that comes out of that and moves out of that. What I would like to start to share tonight is that this is the most important thing you can do to change the tide of what’s happening. This is the most important thing you can do. Nothing else.

Listen very carefully. One, heal yourself. Get to know yourself. What this means is, watch everything that’s happening inside of you. What are your background voices saying?  Do you have a communication of extreme self judgment inside of you? Are your thoughts towards yourself negative? Are you constantly pressuring yourself or oppressing yourself? Or asking yourself to hold yourself to a standard that doesn’t make sense? These are the ways we need to get to know ourselves. What’s happening in that background? What’s happening in the recesses of our subconscious mind, in our unconscious mind? And in those recesses, how can we reach them and begin to work with those emotions, and those thought patterns that are self-focused.

For example, if you wake up in the morning, and one of your first thoughts is: “I should have gotten out of bed sooner, and I should have gotten all these things done. Now I’ve overslept, and oh my gosh, I’m such an idiot, or I’m so lazy,” etc. You watch that, and you start there. And ask yourself, “Wow, what are those voices? Why am I saying that? Why am I having these expectations? Why am I calling myself lazy?” Your answer might be that you’re calling yourself lazy because you feel that you’re not coming up to a certain standard of taking care of yourself. Then you ask yourself, “Well, why am I not coming up to that standard?” Or, “Why do I think that I need to?”

This is the pathway. Start asking yourself questions and getting to the core of all of the issues that are inside of you. You could say, “Okay, why am I not taking care of myself? Well, I’m not taking care of myself because I don’t feel I deserve it. Why do I feel like I don’t deserve to take care of myself? Well, I don’t feel like I deserve it because I feel that maybe others don’t care about me or I’m not important enough,” or something. Keep asking yourself questions, and as they’re answered, ask the new question until you get to a place where you feel like you’ve gotten to the core.

Then when you’re at the core, really recognize the pain there; the fear, the lack of peace, and do your best to create a peacefulness next to that place. Like if I have a place inside where I feel I don’t deserve, maybe I can’t do anything about that right now in terms of eradicating it, but I can definitely see it. I can do my best to hold that gently. Hold that place and create a peaceful area around it, an oasis of peace. Maybe also a place where you can start building a sense of deserving and say, “Okay, I know that part of me feels that I don’t deserve, but another part of me feels very clear that I do. Let me start building it.”

I want to stop for a minute and say that, okay, I understand that for some of you these things might seem silly, or like we’re not taking enough action. I want to bring our attention back to the fact that the action we take now is dependent on our own positivity and love inside of ourselves. You can take as much action in the world as you want, I’m not stopping you and I’m supporting it. If you feel that you want to go and create a message of love and peace in the world publicly, do it. If you feel that you want to go start a movement, or if you would like to become an activist of some kind, or you want to go feed the homeless, or help poor people, then do all those things.

But nothing is going to stick, and the direction of the world and humanity is not going to change, unless we change as individuals first. Otherwise, what we’re putting out on the outside is a bandaid, and it’s not solving the core problem that is being reflected back to us by everything happening in the world. We know that the Coronavirus is not the only thing that’s been going on in the world that we see that feels scary, and that feels dark and negative.

Let’s come back to this. Let’s do what matters right now. Let’s heal ourselves. Let’s find ways to pour love and compassion and kindness and generosity and gentleness inside of us. Let’s do that in every single way that we can. Don’t judge your negative thoughts when you see them, because that’s just negativity on top of negativity. Bring an understanding approach. When you see your negative thoughts or you see negative emotions or you see negative beliefs about yourself, be understanding. Be your own best friend, or your own amazing parent, where you create a communication that says, “Yeah, I know that’s painful, I get it. And we can create something different together.” The voices, okay, you don’t want to make yourself crazy by feeling you’re a unit of voices, but we know we have various voices inside of us, in various parts.

Let’s begin to heal those negative parts. Those parts that are violent towards us, angry towards us, that are holding us hostage. Let’s heal those things. Let’s start building something inside of us that feels so good, that feels so wonderful, that feels like we deserve everything good, that feels that we’re loved and that we love ourselves, and pour your thoughts and actions and energy into that.

We are in our homes, by ourselves now, for a reason. That reason is because it’s time to heal ourselves as individuals. I want you to focus the majority of your attention on your own feelings towards yourself and your own self talk, start there. I want you to dig deeper than what you think you know in your mind. As I said, to the recesses of your subconscious and unconscious.

Okay, second thing is, heal the things in your life that aren’t healed. Heal your relationships. Heal them now. Heal your relationships with friends that you feel that you have some kind of angst with. Or maybe there’s someone that you’re holding resentment towards. Maybe family members, close friends, co-workers. You could be not talking to them at all, or talking to them, but at a distance. Whatever is happening, you know when you feel angst or tension in your body towards another person. Find those things, find those people, and heal them.

If you are holding a strong lack of forgiveness towards someone, heal and forgive that person. A few months ago on this webcast, we talked about forgiveness, and I sent out a forgiveness practice. If you would like me to send you that forgiveness practice because you didn’t see it or weren’t here, then add your name to the comment section and, and say, “I’d like the forgiveness practice.” It certainly doesn’t matter what we’re telling the world about love and forgiveness, if we are not doing that in our very own lives.

You might think that relationship is just about people, but it’s bigger than that. It’s your relationship with society and humanity as a whole. You may be one of those people that just say, “I don’t like people.” So forgive and heal your relationship with humanity and society as a whole. You may be somebody who says, “You know, I really don’t like the leaders in the world, in politics, and I’ve been harboring so much anger towards them.” Inside of yourself, and I’m not saying don’t be angry in areas where we need righteousness, but inside of yourself, create some kind of forgiveness.

You might be a person who doesn’t feel you have a good relationship with money or finances. It’s another area to look at healing. It’s time for all of us to heal the manifestations of any negativity, be it finances, relationships, family, news, anything at all in the world that we feel some kind of angst towards. We’re holding some kind of anger inside or barrier. Let’s do our best to bring peace to it.

We don’t have to be perfect in a day, and I hope that most of you know that’s not ever what I’m saying. I’m saying that we need to put this effort forth, and we need to create as much peace inside of us as we can. If there’s an area that we cannot find our way to forgiving, then we need to ask Divine Love to support us and help us in that process of forgiveness.

Next, we need to look at what our relationship is with the powers that be that are bigger than us. Whatever it is, you call that or name that. Some people call that Nature. Some people call that God. Some people call that the Universe Life, Good side of God, Divine, whatever it is. Let’s all look and see what’s our relationship right now with that energy, the energy that sustains and moves creation, which is us. Many people have a negative relationship, have anger towards that energy, that Divine energy, God, etc. Even if you don’t know it’s there. I want us each to explore and see if we can heal our relationship with that; with that which is bigger than us. Can we find any angst, any anger we have, and bring healing and forgiveness to it. Where we can’t, just try to work on creating little notes of peace around the energy of anger, or whatever else it is that’s negative that we’re feeling.

We have a big job to do now. We have a chance. There’s hope. Today we’ve made it through the first level, the first hump, but what’s happening is far from over. What this means is that the impact that could have happened, the negative impact, has been somewhat muted; not neutralized completely, but somewhat muted. It gives us a little bit of breathing space and a little bit of time to kind of regroup, come together, see what it is that we need to do, and then start to work every moment that we possibly can, and we can possibly think of, on healing. That kind of healing requires us being immersed in it thoughtfully, as much as we can, all day long. And being with ourselves, and bringing that warmth, bringing that goodness to ourselves.



Changing the Way We See Ourselves in the World
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