Can we be angry and still love?

Many of us want to help right the wrongs in the world. Many people feel angry at the injustices in the world and hold resentment, bitterness, and rage. There is so much happening in this world that is—simply put—wrong.

So, how do we go forward? How do we live, see what is happening here, not be in denial, and move towards healing and resolution? In short, how can we be angry and loving?

I was an angry person. That anger was not so easy to stop or get rid of. The situations I was angry at were not changing. They were real and I could not hide from them, nor did I feel powerful enough to change them. However, in my practice to become a loving person, I began trying to bring love and light to my anger. I thought that I could not stop my anger, but maybe I could add love to it and it would then not harm anyone.

I practiced every time I became uncontrollably angry. I would say, “Okay God, I cannot stop this anger, but can you put love in it?” Or, I would picture the anger flowing through my heart.

Guess what! Instead of having people stomp away from me or scream back, I began to have miraculous moments and healing with people. I found that anger and love mixed together is a perfect recipe for dynamic change, bringing great understanding, and creating a path to healing.

It is okay to be angry—just add love!

I love you dearly!

Can we be angry and still love?
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