Be Your Own Advocate!

Be your own advocate! Care about you and be grateful to yourself for your very own help!

In every single situation in your life, you are your own main resource for support, motivation, care, and consideration. Sometimes, we sit on the sidelines of life waiting for someone to care about us enough, so that we can care for ourselves.

Truthfully, as a way of life, it is important for us to start caring about each other, family, neighbors, neighboring nations, and our mother earth alike. This type of caring starts with us caring about ourselves. This can mean that you are taking care of yourself in the highest way possible, or it can mean that you advocate for the right person or people in your life that can support you on your journey, or it can mean that you simply make the choices every single day that will make you feel better!

I care about you and I care about me! And, every single time I do something that I feel is extra special and supportive for myself, I really take a moment to thank myself, for the moment and time that I made that choice. A simple example would be; if I put my keys in the same place every day then one morning when in a hurry to leave I get my keys and run out the door. I can take a quick moment to thank the person I was in the past that took the time to put my keys in the right place and made my life easier!

Be Your Own Advocate!
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