Am I Truly Growing?

Are there times you question whether or not you are growing?

Maybe you feel bored, or you don’t feel anything, or you feel too complacent. Maybe you question your progress because of feelings that you have that you judge. Maybe you judge your judgment?

Spiritual evolution and growth have extremely specific qualities. One quality is that sometimes it feels like you are not going anywhere!

There was a point near the beginning of my path that I feared that I had stopped growing. I ran to my teacher in a panic! “Oh no! Do something! I think I have stopped growing!” Okay, I was probably a tad more respectful than that, but that was what I was thinking. My teacher looked at me and calmly replied, “Sivan, you are still growing.” I said, “How can you say that? I am so clear that I do not feel I am!” My teacher said, “When you have flown in an airplane, have you ever flown through clouds?” I nodded. “When you were flying through clouds did it look like you were going anywhere?”

I concluded that sometimes we are either going so fast that we cannot perceive it until we slow down, or sometimes we are simply meant to do our life and trust that we are growing. As I grew, I saw that was true.

I also understood that sometimes when we feel we are not growing, we are actually in a process of deep assimilation of our new consciousness environment. While assimilating, our psyche needs downtime, so it can, essentially, reboot.

I love you! I support you in your path of love and light!

Am I Truly Growing?
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