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Break Through the Barrier of the Ego

The spiritual path takes an extreme effort to create deep healing. Sivan presents concepts that you can implement in your life to help you heal and break through the barrier of your ego.

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Duration: 5:58


Each of us wants something miraculous. There’s just no question. We want to experience a powerful state of being. We want to walk in the world with such confidence and clarity that we know we can get anything we want everywhere and achieve anything. We all know that. We know we want to go home and be safe and be peaceful and have things go our way. We know what we feel like to even go beyond that and to be a person that has something so significant to offer this world, that it just fed you and fueled you every day, where you woke up in the morning and knew your purpose, didn’t question it, and didn’t question your ability to provide your purpose in the world.

This that I’m talking about, it’s something extreme. You know that. This is not an easy path. It’s not an easy road to be really real, to have these experiences of deep healing and presence. It takes a commitment and an effort that moves beyond anything else you’ve done in your life. And yet, how many of you will keep love on your mind all day long? How many of you will just create a very simple concept of, “No matter what happens to me on a daily basis, I want to be a good person. I want to make that commitment to be guided to be a good person. I want words that come out of my mouth to help people and heal them instead of harm them. I want my choices in life to create upliftment around me. Am I doing that? Is it happening?”

How many of you that think you’re doing it are justifying every single thing that you’re doing that’s not it? Each of you want something extreme and it’s required that an extreme commitment and effort be made, an extreme attention. Focus. Will. Desire. Presence. It’s a tiny shift of consciousness. It seems big. It seems big, but it’s not. It’s a tiny shift of consciousness. It says that my whole life is one. Who I am inside is who I am and that is my life. My life is not fragmented. I am not on a spiritual path here and on a work-life there and with family there. I am a spiritual being manifesting my reality, manifesting my intentions in every single interaction I have on a daily basis. Are those interactions coming from fear? Are they coming from guilt? Are they coming from anger? Are they coming from judgment? Are they coming from anything negative and if so, how can I bring my heart into my life? How can I do that in a real way?

Our egos are absolutely, without question, the most incredible and wild form of resistance and interference that we have. much, much, much more so than the world around us. Even if we think it’s the world around us judging us that is stopping us from growing. Our egos are what are telling us we are not good enough. We are not smart enough. We are not beautiful enough. We are not lucky enough. We are not anything enough. We’re not strong enough. We can’t make it. It wasn’t for us. We’re losers somehow or whatever else, at least in certain areas of our lives. Our egos are what create the barrier that we are trying to break free of. We’re trying to break through that barrier so that we can breathe so that we can be alive so that we can experience life in a real way. An amazing way.

How many of you are experiencing the air around you as exquisite? You’re either not experiencing it all at all. All while you’re too cold or you’re too hot, or you’re too annoyed or you’re too something. But trying right now. The air around us is holding us. It’s got love in it. It has qualities of softness and gentleness on our skin. And the fact that we have oxygen allows us to stay animated and alive. So the air around us are supporting us in a very real way, a purposeful way, n unequaled way, an unadulterated way, and an indivisible way. We’re equally sharing success experience.

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