Sivan Garr


February 26, 2016

BE The ONE That Cares about YOU!

Discover the positive benefits of caring for yourself, including those around you. It is time. You matter. You matter to you!
July 30, 2013

Desire + Intent + Action

Make change happen: Desire / Intent / Action.
November 13, 2014

On Willpower…

Our power of will holds the key to tipping the scales of changing the direction of our lives and the direction of our planet.
May 1, 2014

Freedom Blocks

All things that we feel block us from moving forward, are exactly the things that can lead us to our freedom.
December 2, 2015

On Growing & Evolving…

Growing and evolving can be easier and faster when you feel good. But being in pain or confusion is also motivating. It is easy to desire […]
November 6, 2015

At Death’s Door

I was recently called upon to ask myself what I would want my life to look like if I knew I was going to die in […]
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