One-on-One Sessions

Sivan Garr’s One-on-One Sessions experience provides the opportunity to work privately with Sivan on your progression along the Spiritual Path.

Working with Sivan in this way ensures that you receive the maximum exposure and absorption of her Teachings. This format for interaction can be an incredibly potent means in which to distill the experiences and progress achieved in her group experiences such as the One-Day Seminars, and Multi-Day Retreat Intensives and better apply them to your own unique place in the here and now.
Bookings are available for 60, 90 and 120 minute sessions.

The One-on-One experience can be undertaken either online (via Skype, Phone, or by visiting her in-person (please Contact Sivan for address details).
Cancellation Policy:

24+ Hours Notice

Sivan understands that unexpected events happen occasionally in everyone’s life, and she is more than happy to honor your request to cancel or change a session time for no financial penalty provided that you give a minimum of 24 hours notice. Sivan maintains this 24 hour policy due to the limited session times she has available. This time-frame allows others the opportunity to schedule a session with her.

  • Sivan is a unique genius. I believe that there are few people of her caliber alive today. It has been a miracle and privilege to have had her in my life for nearly ten years now. Every minute I spend with her is an expansive experience. Her brilliant clarity blows me away. She is able to illustrate the most intricate spiritual concepts in a way that makes sense. Sivan redefines possible. She has catapulted my entire life on every level. There is no amount of money, gift, or words that I could offer that would be enough to thank her with. She has profoundly changed the trajectory and sustainability of my happiness in the deepest, most sincere ways.
    Sara Lahey
    Founder of Hunting Happiness Project