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Being in the Present

Sivan explains how living in the present can help us reach one of our ultimate goals on a spiritual path.

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On a spiritual path, the goals that we’re trying to reach are very simple, even though there’s a lot that we have to do and a lot that we have to go through in terms of processing emotions, in terms of finding our way through some very confusing pieces of information about what’s what.

Along with all of that, one of our main goals is surrender. Why is it our main goal? Because one of our main goals is to be what’s called in the spiritual world “be present in this moment.” The reason why people talk about that is because, as we’ve talked about, there’s a certain majority of us worried about what we need to do tomorrow and what our worries are and what’s happening in our job, our day, or our home. Very little of us is right here right now.

Even if you had to test yourself and gauge: Are you right here? Are you in your body? Are you touching the chair? Are you aware of the chair? Are you aware of the air, each other, or the floor.

Surrender leads to being present. This is why we surrender. This is what surrender is. This is what acceptance is. This is why we talk about it.

Throughout your day, just say, “This is it. This is my life. This is it right here. This is what I’ve got; these people in front of me, this floor underneath me. A kind of experience of seeing yourself pulling all of your consciousness that could be scattered anywhere else in the universe, pulling it in to you now. Right here, right now, “Okay, I’m totally here.”

What I want to say is surrender is something that we’re waiting to happen to us. We’re waiting for it. But in the meantime, we can create a lot of movement. We can create a lot of practice. We can create a lot of access to moments of it, to moments of having those experiences.

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